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    Mihir Bhatt

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    I often describe myself as a QA professional in a developer's body, having the mindset to break thins but the toolset to create and restore,I also have several years of experience as QA Tester.


    I can ensure the quality of software while levearging my coding abilities to build and utilize complex testing tools. I am proficient in all stages of the QA process from test planning to post-release verification.Throughout my QA career,I have worked in many different enviroment,following methodologies from Agile Scrum to Waterfall.

    I thrive in an enviroment where I can test the boundaries of the software but also contribute to the QA process and procedure to ensure quality.

    Skill set includes:

    Skill set includes:
    Manual Testing: Functional Testing, Test Scripting, Test Planning, Test Execution & Bug Reporting, White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Regression Testing, Sanity Testing, Smoke Testing, Beta Testing.
    Automation Testing: Selenium IDE/ Web Driver, SoapUI, HP QTP, JMeter, Appium
    Frameworks: Design, Develop and execute test automation frameworks
    SVN: Git,GitHub
    CI-CD: Jenkins, Bamboo
    Operating System: Linux, Windows, DOS.
    Mobile Operating System: Android OS, iOS
    Programming Languages: Java, Python
    RDBMS: SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, NO SQL, MongoDB
    Web Development: HTML 5, DHTML, CSS
    IDE: Visual Basic, Eclipse, Pycharm
    Defect Management: HP QC (ALM), Atlassian Jira
    Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile Methodology
    Web Services: SOAP, REST, Soap UI, WSDL, XML
    BigData Hadoop Testing:Hive,HDFS, Pig, Sqoop
    ETL Testing Tools: Query Surge, Informaticatica

    Created RPA structure and team along with production support, designed and developed RPA solutions to accelerate Business processes.

    Worked on Process Definition Document (PDD) step by step keystroke level.Worked on Solution Design Document (SDD).

    Worked on Solution diagrams and Solution description and object model diagrams.



    Certified Test Foundation Level ISTQB

    Certified Test Advance Level –Test Manager ISQi

    Scrum Master Certified International Scrum Institute

    RPA Certified Developer Automation-Anywhere

    RPA Certified Developer UiPath

    RPA Essential Certified Pega

    RPA Certified Developer Blue Prism                                                                                 


  • “Software testers do not make software; they only make them better."





    Utilligent Inc - US

    Client – Liberty Utilities

    Role: DevOps Engg. / Test Consultant


    Key Responsibilities:

    • Used AWS to setup application and web servers
    • Used EC2 to setup servers and Installed Jenkins
    • Used S3 buckets for storage and archival.
    • Version control tool administration: set up git server, creating new repositories, adding new user to the repositories, creation of new version-controlled branches, troubleshooting version control tool errors.
    • Created Branching, tagging of code delivery at required releases.
    • Checking Git logs & Resolving Git conflicts issues
    • Maven used as build tool to build a source code.
    • Creating War/Jar files using Maven, Continuous integration using Jenkins
    • Supported product release management and patch set release.
    • Experience in setting up Jenkins from scratch and maintaining it.
    • Creating jobs using Jenkins. Manage installations of node, deployment configuration.
    • Released builds to complete testing and review, Continuous integration using Jenkins.
    • Setup and configuring jobs in continuous integration tool Hudson for project builds.
    • Configuring the "crontab" build and deployment.
    • Performed Continuous Build and deployments to multiple environments like Dev, QA, and Staging.
    • Providing solutions to developers for check-ins, checkouts, build failure related issues.
    • Deploy the War files in Apache Tomcat server.
    • Interacting with developers to sort out issues related to Build Automation.
    • Configuring Docker Containers and Creating Docker files for different environments.
    • Created Docker images using Docker files to support Containerization of applications.
    • Deployed various applications through Docker containers.
    • Taking care of deployments using Docker and Chef.
    • Setting-up workstation, Chef Server and managing complete environment.
    • Installed Chef-Server Enterprise On-Premise/Work Station/Boot strapped the Nodes using Knife.
    • Used Chef Cookbooks, recipes, roles, run list to deploy web applications, application servers.


    RPA Developer/QA Automation Analyst -APR 2018 – Feb 2020


    Worked with App-Dev, Production, Technical and Business Managers in planning, scheduling, developing, and executing performance tests. EZ-Pay: KUBRA EZ-PAY is a comprehensive, non-enrolled, on-demand payment application that supports multiple sales channels (Call Center, IVR, Internet, Outsourced Call Center) and multiple payment types (ACH, credit card, signature debit card and PIN-less ATM Debit cards) with powerful real-time account and payment authorization tools and direct feeds into multiple credit card processors, ATM Networks and ACH originators.


    RPA Developer:



    • Worked with the Business Analysts in identifying and defining the requirements.
    • Deployment phases covering the entire Application Development Life Cycle.
    • Designing automation solutions in accordance with standard RPA design principles.
    • Conducting unit testing and System testing.
    • Facilitating Integration and User Acceptance Testing.
    • Extensively worked on debugging application for fixing bugs and Production support.
    • Involved in the deployment of automation in users environment.
    • Analyze the feasibility of existing process suitable for automation.
    • Participate online meetings to demonstrate the capabilities of RPA for on-going projects and potential clients.
    • Experienced in building Automation Anywhere Processes and Business Objects for various business systems.


    IMobile: The i-Mobile Module supports a suite of leading edge mobile account management and billing applications across SMS, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Browser platforms.


    • Analyze the business requirements and Module-specific functionalities to identify test requirements and formulate an effective Test Strategy and Test Plan.
    • Created detailed Test Scenarios and Test cases from the functional requirements, system specification and design specification.
    • Generated test data and provided the test data to the QA Team.
    • Compiled all test cases defects in excel and exported into JIRA with proper naming convention and created test sets for execution of various scenarios.
    • Performed Localization testing, Front End and Back End System Validation Testing for English, French as well as Spanish IVR.  
    • Involved in writing Test Plans by incorporating Performance Testing Objectives, Testing Environment, User Profiles, Risks, Test Scenarios, Explanation about the Tools used, Schedules and Analysis, Monitors and Presentation of results.
    • Developed JMeter Scripts. Created Single User, Base Line and Soak test scenarios. Random pacing between iterations was introduced to get the desired transactions per hour
    • Added performance measurements and visualization using influxbd in JMeter.
    • Analyzed results using Jmeter Analysis tool and analyzed Oracle DB connections, sessions, Web Logic log files.
    • Responsible for analyzing application and components behaviour with heavier loads and optimizing server configurations

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    (First Canadian Title)

    Automation Test Supervisor

    Jan 2017 - Present

    • Building collect link functionality within Collectlink.ca and Insolvency will allow offering a world class registry and purchasing experience for the FCT’s customer. By integrating the registry into the functionality and supporting systems need only be built once to support both the e-commerce and collect link, allowing for much improved procedure functionality at a lower maintenance cost.

      Environment: Java, JSP, SQL, PL/SQL, MTM, TFS ,Eclipse IDE, Scrum Master pro, SQL Server, XML and HTML, Python for Robot framework


      • Identified the test cases to be automated and performed data driven testing and GUI Check Points using QTP and enhanced the overall functionality of the application.

      • Involved in the project team, which focused on testing and dealing with process, tools and best practices. This team also leveraged testing knowledge, technology, methodology and resources across similar projects.

      • Used C# in Visual Studio to access webpage script variables.

      • Involved in querying using SQL and updating records and validate database records as expected.

      • Prepared Traceability Matrix to show the test coverage requirement vs. Test scripts.

      • Developed manual test scripts to evaluate Corporate Information Security Web based user authentication applications.

      • Developed the Test Cases Client based on FSD'S and Business Rules; And for Web Client Test Cases based on Use Cases, Wire Frames, Annotated Documents and Business Rules.

      • Performed Input Validations, User Interface Validations, Browser Compatibility testing and Navigation testing.

      • Performed Backend testing to verify the data integrity by passing SQL Queries.

      • Performed Smoke and Functional testing on every build of the application.

      • Defect Reporting, Analyzing, Tracking and Report Generation using Mercury Quality Center.

      • Attended the daily Bug review meetings, weekly status meetings and walkthroughs and interacted with Business Analysts and Developers for resolving Defects.

      • Participated and Initiated Team meetings on a regular basis and involved in active discussion in order to improve the testing quality by better strategies and testing approach.

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    Synergy Tech

    Automation Test Analyst 

    Jan 2016 – Jan 2017

    -Worked as a member of the Systems Testing team in testing various Client-Server and Web Based Applications
    -Involved in gathering and analyzing functional specifications and user requirements from Business analysis group
    -Coordinating and conducting test plan review meetings with business and application development groups
    -Worked as a subject matter expert in establishing and maintaining a consistent test methodology and on resolving questions during the testing process
    -Designed, implemented, and conducted test and evaluation procedures to ensure
    system requirements are met
    -Worked closely with developers in an Agile environment
    -Worked with End Users to obtain clarifications around requirements
    -Worked as Quality Analyst in testing major part of application using manual testing methods

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    (Client eHealth Ontario)

    Software Quality Assurance Engineer 

    Jan 2014 – Dec 2015

    • Performed as a Systems Tester in testing, PeS and CMTA projects in a Waterfall Environment.
    • Involved in developing Test cases in accordance with LAD, Functional Requirements, Data Model & Mind Mapping reports.
    • Involved in interacting with Business Analysts and incorporating their feedback related to my questions with Test cases.
    • Attended Walkthrough meetings of FD with the Business Analyst and Test lead.
    • Responsible for creating and manipulating test data for test case execution.
    • Performed functional testing on Web application server (WAS) on CMTA, PeS &OneID
    • Experience in testing web applications residing in IBM WebSphere
    • Sent Soap UI and web messages to Data Power Integration Appliance XI52 in order to test IF Backbone and Gateway
    • Used SOAP UI Pro extensively in testing web services by creating Soap UI scripts to send requests and in verifying the data elements returned in the response
    • Tracked and reported upon testing activities, including testing results, test case coverage, required resources, defects discovered and their status.
    • Documented, implemented, monitored and enforced and ensured that all processes and procedures for testing are established as per standards defined by the organization.
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